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Everyday is A Fun Day 

Karing Loving Daycare/ Preschool was established in 2003. Our center provides quality childcare at affordable prices. We are state licensed by the Ohio Department of Education and have been awarded one star by Step up to Quality. Hours are Monday - Friday 7:00 am - 5:30 pm. Our license capacity is 45 children, with four classrooms serving children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old. We offer part-time and full-time hours. Breakfast, lunch, and pm snack provided. 

Our Classes

Karing for your child is serious business to us, at the same time, we want Karing Loving Daycare Preschool to be a home away from home, a playful, nurturing, safe environment.Your child will experience love, acceptance, respect, laughter, songs, discovery, and more.

We dedicate ourselves to serving our community. Classes we offer Infant 6+ weeks, Toddler 18 months to-3 yrs, Preschool 3 yrs to 5 yrs, School - age 11 years old.

Karing Loving Daycare & Preschool | Ohio Daycare Center | Our Classes | Preschool | Nurturing
Karing Loving Daycare & Preschool | Ohio Daycare Center | Our Classes | Infant Program | 6+ weeks old | Nurturing

 Infant (6+ weeks)

​Our Infant program has loving, knowledgeable, dedicated ,and conscientious staff that cares for up to five children between the ages of six weeks to eighteen months. We also have additional staff on site for our infant room. There are never five infants to one teacher.​​​​

All of our teachers are highly trained in infant care. The state requires staff to complete infant training before becoming a lead teacher. They also require 15 hours of continuous training  each year by OHIO DEPARTMENT OF JOB AND FAMILY SERVICES. STEP UP TO QUALITY is another form of accreditation for licensing  that requires staff members to have 20 hours of training per year.

Staff follows the child's schedule that is consistent with their home schedule. Our center has an open - door policy.  This means that parents can visit their infant at any time during the day. We also teach the infants to sign language. This helps the teacher's communication with our infants. Our classrooms are equipped with age- appropriate toys and equipment.

Our toddler program curriculum involves repeated interaction with and exploration of a caring environment, which builds trust between children and our teachers. Each experience offers children the chance to choose their own approaches to tasks that promote their development. We enhance our curriculum with a variety of engaging,open- ended learning activities throughout our day.

​Ages 18months - 3

​Your Toddlers will love daycare at Karing loving! They will find diverse and exciting learning and play environment at our center. Our child development center will help your child build a strong and healthy mind for the exciting school years ahead. We encourage thinking,learning and problem-solving skills.

Our staff will assist in your child's development of independence, promote social skills,

and encourage physical, emotional and mental development. Our curriculum will assist your child to develop an appreciation of books. Throughout all this learning, your child will continue to play because playing is the most integral part of the early learning process.

Karing Loving Daycare & Preschool | Ohio Daycare Center | Our classes | Toddlers | Licensed | Quality | Nutritious Meals | Experienced Childcare
Karing Loving Daycare & Preschool | Ohio Daycare Center | Our classes | Toddlers | Licensed | Quality | Nutritious Meals | Before & After Care
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​​Ages 3-4

Our child development and child learning center offers a curriculum of

age appropriate activities for pre-kindergaten aged children working with letters and numbers to encourage writing, pre-reading, pre-math, and pre-science skills.

We strive to develop social skills, independence and emotional maturity .We strive to stimulate creativity and self-expression through art and dramatic play while providing a nurturing environment for each child's development.


Karing Loving Daycare & Preschool | Ohio Daycare Center | Our classes | Toddlers | Licensed | Quality | Preschool | Class | Before and After Care | School - Age Children

Ages 4 - 5

Everything we do at Karing Loving is in some way, preparation for kindergarten. Our center focuses on letters, words, numbers, and early science and math concepts .to stimulate young imaginations.

Our small classes allow more individual attention. Children are allowed to learn at their own pace without frustration or fear of failure. Children can choose activities based on interests. Our curriculum is designed around specific state and early-learning standards.

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Karing Loving Daycare & Preschool | Ohio Daycare Center | Our classes | Toddlers | Licensed | Quality | Preschool | Nurturing | Curriculum

Ages 6 - 12

At  Karing Loving school-aged children have convenient options before and after school care. Our skilled staff offers your children the learning environment that addresses the educational and emotional needs of school-age children.Staff encourages choices from a variety of fun, age-appropriate activities.

We encourage a sense of responsibility and independence in your child,while building self-esteem, and respect for others.School-age children will be helped with homework after school and then encouraged to play to release the tension of a hard school day.

Welcome to Karing Loving Daycare/Preschool!

Karing Loving Daycare & Preschool | Ohio Daycare Center | Infants | Nurturing

State Licensed Karing Loving Daycare

& Preschool in Ohio



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